Oct 31, 2011

Autumn calls for new foundation

RX for Brown Skin for an even skin tone

While there is a lot of information out there about how to transition your makeup looks from summer to winter, what about autumn? This is the season where skin starts to change from summer tans to lighter tones and it's important to know how to use your African American skin care product to keep an even complexion. offers some suggestions for how to make sure that your foundation matches the season. The site recommends getting new makeup for autumn to keep up with your skin tone has it changes. You should always test foundation before buying it, and it's best to do it in the right light. Natural light is best, if you can find it.

"Test the foundation on your skin and let it set for a couple of minutes. Often, the color of foundation will change when it comes in contact with the natural acids in our skin, so the color in the bottle may not be exactly the same for everyone," according to the beauty news source. also made some suggestions for skin care during autumn. The site suggests using a mask consisting of cooked pumpkin and honey, both of which contain vitamins and antioxidants, which can help protect the skin for the coming colder months.  

Oct 28, 2011

A little makeup goes a long way in hiding a woman's age

Rx for Brown Skin for African American skin care products

Many women try to conceal their age by layering on heavy amount of makeup. While it may be tempting to try to look younger by hiding behind your African American skin care product, heavy makeup can actually make you look older. Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an article detailing the right ways to use cosmetics to reduce the effects of aging. 

The news provider spoke to makeup experts who suggested that you should start with well-moisturized skin before adding foundation.

"Foundation should never be applied to dry skin because the color pigment in the foundation will stick to dead skin cells," said makeup artist Heike Falkenstein, quoted by the news source.

Allure magazine reports that wearing a little concealer can really help you look younger. Putting a small amount of concealer around the inner corners of the eyes can reduce the appearance of dark circles and sun spots.

The magazine also suggested using a light foundation or a tinted moisturizer on lined skin rather than a pressed powder, which may intensify the appearance of wrinkles.  

Oct 27, 2011

Hair stylists may be subbing in for dermatologists

Rx for Brown Skin for African American skin care products

While many people know that they should be checking themselves regularly for signs of skin cancer, most forget that this is an important part of catching the disease in its early stages. Luckily, recent research suggests that some trained haircare professionals may be picking up the slack for people who forget to look for skin lesions. 

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health found that the majority of hair stylists surveyed are "somewhat" or "very likely" to give customers a skin care pamphlet during their appointment and to check for any skin lesions on the scalp.

"This study provides evidence that hair professionals are currently acting as lay health advisors for skin cancer detection and prevention and are willing to become more involved in skin cancer education in the salon," said study authors.

Dark skinned women need to remember that they are still at risk of developing skin cancer. Fortunately, there are many skin care products for black skin with added SPF so you can fight damaging UV rays and still look great doing it.


Oct 26, 2011

Look great for this year's Diwali celebrations

Rx for Brown skin for even skin tone

While many people associate October with Halloween, for Indian women this month means Diwali, a traditional Indian holiday. reports that this is one of the most important and cherished celebrations in India. Also known as the "festival of lights," Diwali can be your chance to shine using the right skin care products for ethnic women. recently offered some tips for how to create the perfect look for a Diwali celebration. First, the new source recommended using a toner to cleanse the skin before putting on foundation so that your makeup will last through the whole night.

Next, the site suggested matching the makeup with the dress, so that you don't look over or underdone. If your dress is heavily embroidered, then ease up eyeshadow and lipstick. They also offered some tips to get rid of pesky dark spots.

"Start with the foundation, and then apply some concealer if you have dark spots on your face, [and] let them blend [into] the skin. [Also] buy foundation and concealer which are lighter than your skin tone," according to OneIndia.

Remember, there are many skin care products for dark skin out there that are designed to help create an even skin tone for women who are concerned about dark spots.


Oct 25, 2011

Just because you're older doesn't mean your skin has to show it

RX for Brown Skin for African American skincare products

While not every face cream can actually reverse the effects of aging, there are many African American skin care products that can help older ladies achieve a fresh, more youthful appearance. The trick is to use the right cosmetics, and apply them properly. Recently, the Guardian detailed tips on the right way to use makeup for older skin.

First, the news source said preparation is key. Using a moisturizer regularly that is meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles helps create an even base for the rest of your makeup. Next, it's important to take care when applying foundation,

"Heavy foundations are a no no for mature skin, they tend to sit in fine lines and cause creasing. [Instead], use a light, medium coverage base," according to the Guardian. suggests that the best kind of foundation for older skin is matte, meaning it isn't shiny. This can come in either cream, liquid or powder. Using a foundation with a dewy finish can magnify the appearance of bags, creases and pores.


Oct 24, 2011

Going on a job interview? Be sure to have the right makeup

Rx for Brown Skin for African American skincare products

It seems like everyone is looking for a job these days, and while most people know you need the right resume and recommendations, many women may not realize how their African American skincare product can help them land the right gig. 

Recently, published an article detailing how your makeup can help you appear professional and ready to take on any task an employer will throw at you.

The news provider says that even if you don't normally wear makeup, you should make an exception for a job interview. states that wearing the right cosmetics can help a woman make a positive first impression, but the key is looking like you care about your appearance without over-doing it.

"Keep your look balanced and subtle. Avoid anything that might be overly distracting like glossy fuchsia lips, heavy foundation or shimmery eyes," said makeup artist Landy Dean, quoted by Skincare-News.

The website recommends a light-handed application of foundation, with a hint of blush to give a healthy look. Be sure to take care of any under-eye circles, as these are a sign of fatigue - which is not how you want to appear when applying for a job.  

Oct 21, 2011

Not going for the scary look on Halloween? Try these tips

RX for Brown Skin for African American skincare products

Halloween is coming soon, and not everyone is interested in looking like a monster or a zombie. For many women, this holiday is an opportunity to dress and wear makeup in a way that they don't normally get a chance to do. Recently, the Houston Press ran an article on how to get the right Halloween look for the woman who wants to look sexy. 

The news source said that you don't have to buy the cheesy store brand Halloween makeup kits to dress as a witch or vampire, but instead can use brand-name cosmetics that won't irritate your skin. For ethnic women, choosing a skin care product for black skin that's a few shades lighter than they would normally wear can create a spooky washed-out look.

"Vampires don't need to be clown white, but a light fair color foundation from the drug store would do good. For the eyes, deep purples, blues and black are some great colors to use. You can even use these same colors to contour and give dimension to sunken cheeks," according to the news provider. also reported on some tips to get a sexy Halloween look. The website suggested getting a smoky eye kit to create a "cat eye" effect. Once your eyeshadow is set, just throw some cat ears on and you're good to go!  

Oct 18, 2011

Your makeup may be affecting how people view your personality

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin care

Every woman knows that having the right makeup can help boost their confidence. What they may not realize, however, is that proper cosmetic application may also affect their careers. The Huffington Post reports on a new study that compared the amount of makeup a woman wears to the way she is perceived in the workforce. 

Researchers from Proctor and Gamble took women and photographed them with and without makeup. They then showed the pictures to 149 people and asked them to rate the individuals they saw in the photos in terms of attractiveness, competence, likability and trustworthiness.

Scientists found that lipstick and evenly applied foundation can increase a woman's scores in all four categories, but too much eyeshadow can make someone seem untrustworthy.

"Length of inspection time did not change the effect for competence or attractiveness. However, with longer inspection time, the effect of cosmetics on likability and trust varied by specific makeup looks," said study authors.

These findings suggest that women looking to be respected in the office may want to evaluate their makeup choices. For ethnic women, there are many skin care products for black skin that can easily help them create the perfect workplace look.


Oct 17, 2011

Colder weather calls for a new makeup look

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin

When it comes to the colder months, many women panic at the thought of the harsh weather drying out their skin. While it's true that the cold can have a negative impact on complexion, the coming months also involve many holiday parities for ladies to show off their winter makeup. recently ran an article offering tips for creating a look that is suitable for winter months.

First, the beauty site suggested that to ensure that foundation is applied evenly, you should first dip a makeup sponge into water. This will create a sheer, dewy look that appears more natural than a powdery, caked-on base. The news provider added that cosmetics with moisturizer are a good choice for the cold season.

"Apply a tinted moisturizer with great care to build up the perfect makeup base. Place a tiny spot of this formula on your chin and jaw, cheeks and finally the forehead," according to the website. suggests using a face cream underneath foundation in the winter. This will not only help the makeup last longer, but will also create a smooth look. The news source also says that eyeshadow and waterproof mascara are important in these months.

Ethnic women who want to protect their skin against the harsh winter weather should remember that the sun can still damage your complexion in these months. Using a skin care product for black skin with SPF can help protect you against the sun's UV rays.  

Oct 13, 2011

Salma Hayek stays beautiful without surgery

Rx for Brown Skin, skin care for dark skin

Hispanic actress Salma Hayek is known for her curves and flawless complexion. While many people many believe that it takes many painful procedures to get her looking that way, they may be surprised to learn that she has never had cosmetic surgery. 

Hayek spoke to Latina magazine about the importance of proper skin care and how making your skin a priority can save you from having to go under the knife.

"When I was 16, I looked 19. When I was 19, I looked 25. But I got stuck on 25 – thank God! – until I was 35. So that was good. But it’s also important to take care of your skin because if you’re not careful, one day you’ll wake up and a spider will have taken over your face and you’ll be full of lines,” Hayek told the news provider.

She also mentioned that she's afraid of Botox, and would prefer sticking to creams and cosmetics for now.

The National Institutes of Health reports that the side effects of Botox include pain at the injection site, flu-like symptoms and an upset stomach. Ethnic women looking to avoid experiencing these effects should consider sticking to the number of skin care products for black skin that are available to help them look younger.


Oct 10, 2011

Have skin allergies? There's an app for that

Rx for Brown Skin for African American skin care

Nearly 8 million Americans experience dermatitis, a skin condition that can cause itching, redness and swelling. For this population, finding cosmetics that are gentle enough to work with their skin can be nearly impossible.

Recently, a mobile phone and web-based application called Contact Allergen Replacement Database (CARD) was released. This is designed as a tool to help people look up the ingredients in their cosmetics, moisturizers and facial cleansers to see if they could potentially produce an allergic reaction.

"Our goal in making CARD available to patients and providers is to help prevent the need for an unnecessary doctor visit," said James Yiannias, M.D., chair of Dermatology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and developer of the allergen database.

For ethnic women that may experience this condition, there are a variety of African American skin care products that contain natural ingredients, such as green tea extract, that may not irritate sensitive skin. When in doubt about how a particular substance might affect the you, this tool could serve as a simple way to put your mind at ease.


Oct 6, 2011

Look beautiful at the office without re-applying makeup

Rx for Brown Skin products for black skin

For ethnic women, beautiful skin is something that can be simple to achieve if you're using the right African American skin care products. Let's face it though, not everyone has the time to put on layers of makeup when trying to get to the office. For the busy woman, there are some simple ways to look good throughout a busy day at the office. reports that if you're running out the door and don't have time for foundation, keep some oil-blotters in your bag so that you can still keep skin from looking shiny throughout the day. There are also many dry shampoos on the market that can remove excess oil from the hair without having to take a shower.

The beauty news source also recommended keeping hand moisturizer at your desk. There are many skin care products for dark skin with added moisturizers for the face, but that's not the only skin on your body that needs protection from drying out.

"Hands go through the wringer on a daily basis: multiple washes, harsh temperatures and everyday dirt. So hydrate them with a hand cream that nourishes with [natural] ingredients," according to SkinCareNews.

UK news source The Daily Mail also recommends trying to avoid touching your face repeatedly. This will cause the oil from your hands to spread to the face and contribute to breakouts.


Oct 5, 2011

Discovery channel offers tips for African American skin care

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin care products

Brown skin is unique, and requires its own kind of care. This is why a variety of African American skin care products exist especially for darker skin tones. Discovery Health published an article detailing things that ethnic women should consider when taking care of their skin to ensure that they are doing all they can to keep themselves healthy.

First, the health news provider recommended washing your face daily with gentle cleansers that don't try out the skin. Second, Discovery suggested making sure that the skin care products you use are made for your particular skin type. For example, if you have oily skin don't use heavy amounts of moisturiser.

Finally, the health site stated that your medication could be affecting your skin.

"Many drugs increase sun sensitivity, making it especially important to apply sunscreen or avoid the sun altogether. Among these medications are birth control pills, antibiotics, acne medicines and cancer drugs," according to Discovery.

The Skin Cancer Foundation adds to this point about African Americans and sun exposure by stating on their website that everyone is capable of getting skin cancer, regardless of their race, and ethnic women should get regular check-ups from their dermatologist.


Oct 4, 2011

For Halloween, costumes are important but don't forget about makeup

Rx for Brown Skin for dark skin tones

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's time to find the right African American skin care product to complete your look. While many people think the costume is the only important thing about this holiday, the right makeup can make you really stick out at parties this year. offered some tips to women for how to enhance their Halloween costume this year through using the right makeup.

"A witch might want to go with a slightly green foundation, add in shading, heavy eyebrows or go for a more glamour make-up. A vampire would want a more living dead look with a grey, ashen foundation to build on," according to the costume website.

TV star Martha Stewart gave out some advice of her own on how to look unique on Halloween. She suggested trying a cosmetic that as a glittery affect to go along with an angel, princess or sorceress costume. She also said that flesh-toned makeup, which many women have in their bag already, can be used as a base for a basic cat look.  

Oct 3, 2011

Keep your makeup looking great all day long, even in the harsh office environment

It can be difficult to know how to keep the skin healthy during long hours of sitting in an office, especially due to the dry, circulating air. There are many skin care products for black skin that can transition easily to create either a day or night look, but how can you look great all day with all of the stresses that come from office life? Here are a few tips to keep skin under control during your hectic day.

First, the air conditioning in the office can cause free radicals that penetrate the skin and can cause wrinkles and other issues. To combat this problem, try using African American skin care products with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as green tea. These substances have been shown to protect against free radicals, so you can look great while helping to keep pollutants from getting under your skin.

Next, if your makeup seems to disappear by the middle of the day, try using some finishing solutions to help keep the look in place. There are many products out there, such as makeup primer and serums, that are made to keep cosmetics looking fresh all day long without having to add on layer after layer.