Aug 27, 2012

Survey shows women spend weeks applying makeup in a lifetime

How much time to do you spend each day applying your African American skin care products? According to a recent survey of British women, the average woman spends 91 hours a year applying makeup. That amounts to 43 weeks over the course of a lifetime.
The Daily Mail reported on the study, which also found that almost one-third of women surveyed would like to reduce the amount of time they spend each day applying makeup, but only 13 percent would be willing to leave the house with no makeup on. Furthermore, 8 percent of women admitted to spending at least 30 minutes a week altering images of themselves on social media sites.
"All the time spent worrying in front of the mirror could be spent having a good time with family or friends who will appreciate your company whether you're wearing makeup or not," said researcher Leah Doherty, quoted by the news source.
Bella Sugar reported on a 2010 study, which found that the average woman will spend approximately $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime and shop for makeup five times a year. These surveys show that clearly, women love their makeup.