Jun 21, 2013

Summer Protection for Your Skin

The summer season is officially here! Although it is true that women of color usually do not burn as easily when in the sun, it is important to take the proper precautions when outside for long periods of time.  Whether you are hitting the beach or hanging out at the park, we have a few tips to keep your skin protected and beautiful while enjoying your time in the sun.

Use Your Sunscreen
As a woman of color your skin contains increased levels of melanin, however it is important to protect your skin from sun damage.  It is recommended that you use at least a SPF 15 sunscreen for minimal protection from the sun’s rays. Our Age Block Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen plus anti-aging formula not only protects against sun-related hyperpigmentation but also helps skin look years younger by enhancing texture, elasticity and hydration.

Cover Up
We know you have been working all winter to show off your summer body but grab some stylish sunglasses and a hat for added protection in the sun.  We suggest wearing UV-blocking sunglasses with 99 to 100 percent absorption to protect sensitive skin around the eyes. When choosing a hat make sure the brim is big enough to shield your ears and neck, two areas that are often forgotten. Visit our pinterest page for Stylish and protective fashion picks that will keep you gone with the wind fabulous.

Drink lots of water. We cannot say this enough. Being dehydrated is not fun and will quickly put an end to a fun day in the sun. If you’re thirsty reach for some water instead of a soda or juice. Dehydration can lead to fatigue dizziness, and muscle weakness. The summer time is also a great time to incorporate a diet high in antioxidants. Bulk up on vegetables, fruits, and super foods such as broccoli, collard greens, kale, blueberries and sweet potatoes. 

Get Your Rest
Beauty sleep isn’t just for fairy tales and television. Insufficient sleep can make you irritable, forgetful, and drowsy.  According to research those that have a good night’s rest appear more attractive. Ample rest also helps your skin and body recover from your day’s activities. In addition to looking your best you’ll also feel better, be more alert, and less irritable.

Create lasting memories and beautiful skin this summer.

Are You Red Carpet Ready?

So you have a major event happening and you want to look like your favorite star on the red carpet. We know that everyone doesn’t have a team of professional waiting to get them glammed out for an event, but who says you can’t be red carpet ready? Have you ever wondered how your favorite star always looks perfect when she hits the red carpet? We have a few fail-proof ways to get you read carpet ready for your next special event.

Face Forward Prep
Celebrity skin care expert, Nichola Joss once said, "There's no point putting on a beautiful gown if the face is not matching the body,” and we couldn’t agree more.  The prep for your special event starts weeks before. Get a star studded glow with our Brightening Duo kit. The combination of our famous Advanced Botanical Brightener and new Moroccan Mineral Mask leaves skin with a smoother texture and an overall radiant glow. 

Perfect Planning
The best way to be prepared is to plan for your big night. It would be horrible if you can’t get an appointment with your favorite stylist or get in with your regular nail technician. Make your appointments well in advance so you won’t be flustered on the day of your event. Take some time to plan your outfit and take pictures for reference points. Inspirational boards with your favorite fashion looks, colors, or hair styles are an awesome way to get an idea of the direction you want to go in. Check out some of our red carpet looks on Pinterest!

Tailor Made
Finding the perfect outfit – one you are comfortable in and makes you feel like the belle of the ball – doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Remix what you already have or give new life to an amazing thrift store find with a tailor. Don’t have a tailor? Don’t worry, check out your local cleaners because they often have one in-house (just do a little research first). A new hem line and a little tightening could bring new life to a forgotten treasure. You’ll be the envy of the ball with your one of a kind frock.

Take time to K.I.S.S
A fail-proof way to look your best: Keep It Simple Sweetheart. When it comes to special occasion fashion, less really is more. If your dress is a statement piece all on its own pair it with simple jewelry or none at all. If you have a more classic dress pump it up with bold accessories. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to be upstaged by their own outfit.

Pose for the Camera
You have radiant skin, you’ve made your appointments, tailored your fit, and edited your look, and you’re all ready for your big night, right? Wrong! The best way to see if your fit works is to take a picture in it. See it all together on you. If possible get pictures from all angles so there will be no surprises. This is also a great time to perfect your pose and find your most flattering angles. You may not be walking the red carpet but when a camera appears you’ll be ready to strike a pose.