Aug 13, 2013

Travel Tips

Whether you’re  about to take a Summer’s Almost Over! Week long get away or have an overnight business trip, we have some tips to make the most of trip.

Make a check list of what you need to pack
It’s real easy to forget your toothbrush or the dress you are supposed to wear to the wedding when you land. Checklists are the perfect way to make sure that you bring along everything you know you need and a few of the things you may forget you need. You can start making your checklist weeks in advance or use a pre-made list. Her Packing List blog has great checklists for vacations and locations around the world.

Pack Light
Once you have your checklist packing should be a breeze. Try to pack one suitcase or carryon bag. With baggage fees and the number of lost bags on the rise this will help ease stress while traveling. Chances are you won’t use your entire 4 ounces of shampoo or 16oz body wash, so cruise the travel friendly section in your local drug store for your favorite toiletries or containers to transfer them to. Many of your favorite brands may also have travel kits premade. Rx forBrown Skin’s Travel Sets make it easy for you to continue your beauty regimen even while away from home.

Maximize your smart phone
Regardless if you have an iphone or Droid these compact multi-tasking creations can be a lifesaver when traveling. Besides the obvious of being able to make calls, downloading apps can help you do everything from breeze through security at the airport to capturing all your memories during your trip to making dinner reservations and finding the shortest route to the beach. recently published some of the best travel apps.

Don’t neglect your health
Traveling can really be hard on your body. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Invest in a filter bottle to make sure you are getting enough water. Bottles made by companies like Bobble make it easy to travel light and get your daily water intake even while away from daily conveniences. In addition you should take small breaks to walk around and stretch to get blood circulating in your limbs while traveling. This will make your travel experience less grumpy and helps pass the time along.