Aug 29, 2011

How and when to update the old makeup bag

When women find that perfect African American skin care product, they want to hang on to it for as long as possible. There's nothing wrong with being loyal to a particular brand, but it's important to to keep makeup looks updated with current trends.

Recently, the website InquirerLifestyle spoke to cosmetcs expert Luc Bouchard on ways to spice up makeup. First, the cosmetics artist suggested choosing a liquid foundation and putting some of it on a small plate. Then, take a moisturizer and mix it in with the foundation to help makeup look smooth and keep it from drying out the skin.

Next, the expert recommended using spot concealers to cover up blemishes and to not be afraid to go bold with lipstick choice.

"Bold lipstick can be magenta or a red orange, something you can use every day. I would probably go with a satiny-matte finish - more on the matte side than the glossy side," said Bouchard, quoted by the website.

The beauty website 101BeautySalon also offered tips on how to update cosmetics. They reminded readers that makeup has a shelf life, and that foundation should be thrown out after a year, mascara after six months and eye shadow and lipstick after two to three years.

Aug 24, 2011

Makeup brushes can help perfect your look

For women, choosing the right makeup can be a complicated process. For ethnic women, there are many African American skin care products to pick from that can give skin an even tone on their own, but a makeup brush can make all the difference. What many women don't realize is the importance of makeup brushes and how they can change a person's entire look.

There are many different types to choose from, and there are different aspects to consider before making the decision. There should be a special brush for foundation, along with concealer brushes, powder brushes, blush brushes and eye shadow brushes.

The bristles are the most important thing to look at when deciding on a brush. The best

kind of bristles are the ones that will help the brush maintain its shape for as long as it can. Most makeup artists use natural fibers, though high-quality synthetic ones can work as well.

Many brushes have a wooden handle, while others are made out of plastic. The handle does not affect the quality of brush, so this is a matter of personal preference. The right brush can help give makeup a flawless finish and cover up minor blemishes. 

EBONY to release a list of the best African American skin care products

The African American themed magazine EBONY is going to hold their first ever beauty and grooming awards in next month's issue. These awards will showcase the best skin care products for black skin.

Each winner was chosen with the help of a team of celebrity hair and makeup stylists and beauty bloggers who reviewed a variety of products.

"We're very proud to stand behind each winner with our EBONY Beauty and Grooming Award 'seal of approval' and look forward to growing our new editorial franchise with platforms across print, digital, social media, retail and mobile applications," said Amy DuBois Barnett, EBONY editor-in-chief.

Barnett also said that what will make this list different than other "best beauty product" lists is that rather than stick to the opinions of staff and friends, EBONY writers looked to outside influences in making their decisions of the best products. A full list of winners can be found in the issue and on the EBONY website. 

Aug 23, 2011

Researchers find an association between vitamin D and skin cancer

As the prevalence of skin cancer continues to rise in the U.S., researchers have been searching to find all of the various factors that contribute to the development of the disease. Anyone, regardless of skin tone, is at risk for this form of cancer.

For ethnic women, there are many skin care products for black skin that contain SPF and can potentially help protect against the sun, and scientists have recently discovered a new factor that may affect a person's likelihood of getting skin cancer.

Recently, researchers have noticed that as a person's vitamin D levels rise, so does their chance of developing skin cancer, though the connection remains inconsistent. Melody J. Eide, M.D., M.P.H., and colleagues from Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, conducted a study among a group of people who had a high risk of eventually getting cancer.

They found that participants who were not deficient in vitamin D appeared to have an increased chance of developing the disorder, even after other factors were considered. According to researchers, more studies need to be conducted to determine if this could lead to earlier diagnosis and new treatments of skin cancer.  

Wedding makeup for all budgets

A wedding can be a very expensive ordeal, from booking the reception venue to buying the flowers. Many women even hire make up artists to create that perfect look on the big day. For ethnic women, there are plenty of skin care products for black skin available at their local stores that they can apply themselves and look wedding day ready, without shelling out extra cash for a professional.

Recently, The New York Daily News reported on how women can do their own wedding makeup. First, the recommended using a primer underneath foundation to give skin an even tone and feel and to use moisturizer for added smoothness. Next they suggested a cat eye eyeliner pattern to make the eyes pop underneath that veil, but not to use liquid eyeliner unless the bride is trying to look very dramatic.

The news provider also recommended a combination of lip liner and a not-too-glossy lipstick that will last all day. Finally, they reminded readers to not neglect eyebrows and eyelashes, which should be styled along with the rest of the wedding look. offers more suggestions for how to keep makeup looking flawless during the wedding, including carrying a small touch-up kit and tissues to blot away excess moisture.  

Aug 22, 2011

Soy extract may minimize the appearance of unwanted facial hair

Over the past few decades, soy has been getting more and more attention for its health benefits. Many skin care products have been advertising soy extract as part of their ingredients, but what exactly can soy to for the skin? An article from CBS discussed the possible benefits of soy for skin care. 

According to the news source, one of the best things that soy can do is get rid of unwanted facial hair, a problem that affects women of all skin types. CBS spoke to dermatologist Jeanine Downie, M.D., about what soy can do.

"Soy appears to penetrate into the hair shaft, minimizing the thickness of the hair and decreasing its pigment," explains Downie, quoted by the news provider.

According to the Mayo Clinic, soy contains protein and antioxidants, making it a potentially smart choice for health as well as skin care. Ethnic women who are looking to test what soy can do for their skin should consider using African American skin care products that contain soy extract.  

Tips for nighttime make up looks

It's important to wear natural looking makeup at the office, but sometimes a girl just wants to go glam. African American skin care products offer a variety of cosmetics that can help take a look from day to night, but many women don't know how to create that nighttime look. The website recently spoke to makeup artists about tips on how to look like a star.

The winged eyeliner look or "cat-eye" is extremely popular now, but very difficult to put together. The website recommends lining the inner part of the lids first, and then starting from the outward corner of the eye and moving inward.

For blush, the beauty news provider reminded its readers that the product is meant to highlight the cheekbones, and should be applied on the straight line from the eye pupil to the tip of the nose. Apply a two inch line of blush to keep it from looking overpowering.

The website DotcomWomen added that for an interesting night look, try using a slightly darker foundation, finished off with a powder. The also recommended making sure that blush and foundation are blended evenly into the hairline.

Aug 19, 2011

Advice to keep summer makeup looking fresh

The summer is a time of unpredictable weather. This can make it impossible to know what makeup to wear to keep complexions clear in humid conditions. Makeup artist Susmta Patel recently spoke to Health News Digest about tips for looking good this summer.

First, Patel recommends a foundation that can minimize the appearance of pores and to pat it instead or rub if it when applying. This can clear the face of unwanted moisture without smearing the makeup. suggests removing oil and dead skin cells from the face regularly to avoid developing blackheads and blocked pores, which can occur more frequently in the summer.

Patel also told the news source that it's a good idea to use makeup products with SPF to protect against the sun's UV rays.

"Bring your sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF formulation with you and apply regularly. Allow it to be absorbed before applying anything else, as otherwise it could help your makeup to slide away," said Patel, quoted by Health News Digest.

Ethnic women who want to keep their skin looking great this summer should consider using a skin care product for black skin with added SPF. 

Fashion contests around the web can let women show off their look

Looking to be the next big thing in fashion? Women with a flair for putting together the perfect outfit will have a chance to prove their savvy this month and possibly get noticed for their creative look. has started its "End of Summer Fashion Street Style Video Contest" to give all women a chance to show off their style.

People can submit a video to the website for a chance to get their fashions featured online and win a gift package. It doesn't take a celebrity to make a fashion trend, and the internet has given women of all backgrounds a chance to share their style with the world.

There are many style contests like this one that can be found by simply searching the web for opportunities. The Wikifashionista contest will run until September 16, but many fashion websites are running similar contests year round.

A flawless complexion is a great base for any fashionista, since clear skin lets the clothes shine. Women with ethnic skin may want to consider African American skin care products to be sure their face looks its best. 

Aug 18, 2011

The Help talks about the struggle of African American women

This month the movie The Help will premiere in theatres across the country. According to the Detroit Free Press, the movie details the struggles of African American maids during the 1950s and 60s. 

"These women focused on their children, supported their education and the civil rights movement that brought about change and possibilities. They were the humble, foot soldiers of a revolution, whose spiritual strength transformed a nation," said Melba Joyce Boyd, chairperson of Wayne State University's Department of Africana Studies, quoted by the news provider.

The official website for the movie says it will focus on the connection between the women as well as the courage it took for them to speak out against the mistreatment they were suffering at the hands of their employers.

The Help is about having the confidence to face adversity and stand up for what an individual believes in. We've come a long way since the years that the film is set in, and now African American skin care products offer ethnic women products that celebrate their skin tone and inspire confidence for all the strong women out there.  

Possible dangers of hydroquinone

Women looking to reduce the appearance of dark spots may want to consider avoiding skin care products for black skin that contain hydroquinone. Medicine Net reported on the dangers of the ingredient.

In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed banning cosmetics than have hydroquinone in them. Currently, it is legal to sell products that contain up to 2 percent of the substance, although it has been named as a possible carcinogen.

According to the FDA, hydroquinone has been associated with a condition known as ochronosis, which causes skin darkening and dis-figuration. The organization reported that they are planning more studies to determine the long-term effects of the substance on people.

Ethnic women should take the health of their skin into consideration when choosing a skin care product. There are many cosmetics currently on the market for African American skin that do not contain the potentially dangerous chemical.

Aug 17, 2011

Free skin care information now available

The dangers of skin cancer have recently been gaining more attention. This year, the Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that there will be more new cases of the disease than of breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer combined.

In response to this, Rite Aid is teaming up with The Skin Cancer Foundation to offer free information in their stores and online, educating people on the dangers of this disease and how to protect themselves against it.

"Our pharmacists regularly get questions about skin care and sun safety," said Sarah Matunis, Rite Aid pharmacist and corporate clinical coordinator. "We're giving them additional resources to help deal with those questions as well as more resources for our patients."

The organization reminded people that it takes one ounce of sunscreen to cover the body, and that it needs to be applied every 2 hours.

Ethnic women with darker skin tones are still at risk of developing skin cancer. African American skin care products with added SPF can help protect skin against the sun while giving it a healthy glow.

Makeup tips from Tyra Banks

In recent years, Tyra Banks has become well known for her successful television shows. Long before that however, she was noticed for her beauty and poise on the runway and has been a household name since the 90s.

Recently, the star shared some of her beauty tips with BET. Her first piece of advice was to be very careful with applying foundation to keep it from looking to powdery. Banks recommended applying foundation, then taking a damp washcloth and using it to pat the face to absorb excess powder.

“Throughout the day, don’t keep putting powder on top of a greasy face. First, take a tissue and dab it all over your face, then powder your face," Banks told BET.

Along with being a style and television guru, Banks' biography on her official website mentions that she is also a successful businesswoman who runs her own film and television production company.

Women who want to have Tyra Banks' confidence as they pursue their own careers should consider using skin care products for black skin that bring out the natural beauty of African American skin.

Aug 16, 2011

Smoking and exercise can affect skin's appearance

Women are constantly searching for the secret to younger, healthier skin. While there are many African American skin care products on the market that can help turn back the affects of skin aging, there are also simple lifestyle changes that people can make to improve the look their skin.

Kentucky news source KY Post reported that it's important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, because water supplies important nutrients to skin cells. The news provider also recommended exercising regularly. Along with helping circulation throughout the body, exercise can relieve stress, which has been shown to cause premature aging.

The Kansas City Star also reported on lifestyle changes that can improve skin's appearance. The new provider spoke to dermatologist Daniel Aires to get his take on skin care. He suggested If a person is a smoker and looking to improve their skin, they should stop immediately.

"[Smoking] constricts the blood vessels in the skin. And it induces matrix metalloproteinases, or MMPs, that act like scissors and cut up the skin and increase wrinkling. And cigarettes contain all kinds of weird toxic things," Aires told The Star.  

Do films ignore African American beauty?

Naturally beautiful African American actress Viola Davis has received attention for her talent as well as her looks. Davis shines on the cover of this month's Essence magazine, where she talks about her recent success in films as well as the struggles African American women face.

“As black women, we’re always given these seemingly devastating experiences - experiences that could absolutely break us. But what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly," Davis told the news provider.

Her latest role is in the movie The Help, where she portrays a maid in the 1960s. The website Indie Wire raised the question this week - do black actresses have to make themselves look ugly to get serious film roles?

The website raised concern over the fact that the lovely Davis was forced to look plain and matronly for her role, a theme that seems to happen often in films with African American women in them. Another example Indie Wire gave was actress Taraji P. Henson in Hustle and Flow and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Henson was made to look haggard and older in both of the dramatic films.

In the end, people have to decide for themselves if this theory is true and if action should be taken against it. African American women should never have to hide their looks, and skin care products for black skin can help give black women the confidence to let their true beauty shine.

Aug 15, 2011

How a person eats can affect their skin health

There are many products that can help protect the skin from aging and sun damage. For ethnic women, African American skin care products with added SPF can keep skin healthy and looking great. Along with these products, Allure magazine reported on foods that can boost skin's resistance against damage.

According to the magazine, Australian researchers evaluated the diets of over 1,000 people to determine if what they were eating was affecting their skin. They found that drinking half a glass of red wine a day could lead to a 27 percent reduction of an individual's chance of developing skin blemishes. Researchers found similar results with fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids.

"It's definitely true that diet can play an important role in all skin conditions -- not just helping combat wrinkles and lines, but other skin problems as well, including acne, eczema, psoriasis even dry flaking or very oily skin," said biochemist Elaine Linker, PhD, quoted by WebMD.

There are many skin care products for black skin that contain some of the healthy extracts that come from red wine and other foods.

New documentary exposes emotional issues that come with dark skin

African American women have often had to endure hardships and racism due to the color of their skin. Unfortunately, this has lead to many young black women growing up with issues regarding their skin color. The website Fashion Bomb reports that a new documentary is coming out to address this issue and promote confidence in African American skin.

The documentary is called Dark Girls and explores the complex emotions that African American women have about their skin tone. The trailer for the film can be found on many different websites, including The Frisky. The film is comprised of interviews with black women on how they feel about their skin and what they have experienced over the years.

In the trailer for the film, one young girl is asked to identify who is the "smartest" child out of pictures of other children. The girl, who is African American, chose the white child simply because she is white. This shows the serious issues regarding skin tone that still exist today.

Ethnic women of all skin colors deserve to feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Skin care products for black skin are designed to boost black skin's natural beauty.

Aug 12, 2011

Young people have a growing risk of developing skin cancer

Many young people believe that wearing sunscreen is not as important for them as it is for babies and older adults. A Canadian news source recently disproved this theory by reporting that skin cancer patients are getting younger. 

CJAD news spoke to a dermatologist Ari Demerjian who said that twenty years ago the average person diagnosed skin cancer was around 50 years of age. Now, it is normal to see a 30-year-old with the condition.

The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that more than two million people are diagnosed with the disease each year. The organization also reports that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer for people between the ages of 25 and 29 years old.

There are many ways to protect one's self against this disease. Using an African American skin care product with SPF and antioxidant extracts for added sun protection is one way ethnic women can help keep skin healthy and beautiful.  

Skin care tips from older celebs

Ever wonder how those older celebrities manage to look like they haven't aged a day? While many turn to plastic surgery, some use natural solutions to aging. The Mirror recently reported on some age-defying tips from the rich and famous.

One tip the news provider shared was to be sure to drink enough fluids, especially water and green tea. Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants to keep skin healthy and cleanse the body of toxins that come from pollution and chemicals.

The Mirror also recommended getting regular exercise. The author suggested trying out an interesting class to make a workout routine more fun, such as kickboxing or yoga.

Finally, the news source stressed the importance of avoiding too much sun exposure. The National Health Institute reports that sunlight is a major cause of aging and increased appearance of wrinkles.

For ethnic women, using a skin care product for black skin with added SPF and green tea extract can help protect the skin while giving it an even tone and healthy glow.  

Aug 11, 2011

New York's parks are taking a stand against skin cancer

Skin cancer is one of the more common forms of cancer in the U.S., and also one of the most preventable forms of the disease. For ethnic women, using a skin care product for black skin with added SPF for sun protection is one way to possibly lower one's risk of developing the condition.

In New York City new measures are being implemented to help people avoid sun exposure. Thanks to a grant from the American Academy of Dermatology, many of the cities parks will now have shade structures that individuals can sit under and avoid UV rays.

Additionally, structures will come with signs that teach people about the importance of skin care, especially in the summer months. Among the recommendations the sign will make is to wear sunscreen, wear protective clothing and seek shade often.

The Skin Cancer Foundation warns people to seek shade under a structure rather than a tree to ensure they are truly hidden from sun exposure.

Broadway actress Jane White exuded confidence in her own skin

The New York Times recently ran a profile on Jane White, an African American theatre actress who overcame adversity to become a successful performer. The daughter of a civil rights activist, White experienced racism due to the color and tone of her skin.

“I’ve just always been too ‘white’ to be ‘black’ and too ‘black’ to be ‘white,’ which, you know, gets to you after a while, particularly when the roles keep passing you by,” said White, quoted by the news source.

White didn't let these obstacles hold her down, and over the years she proved herself to be an incredible talent. She eventually learned to embrace the color of her skin, and refused to allow directors or producers disguise her as a race that she was not.

Playbill reported that in 1979 White starred in her own one-woman show, where she discussed her struggles and the importance of being confident in herself. The actress passed away on July 24th at the age of 88 after years of entertaining audiences.

Ethnic women looking to feel as confident in their skin as White should consider using skin care products for black skin to give their appearance a healthy glow.

Aug 9, 2011

Green tea protects the skin while potentially preventing cancer

For years, there have been studies about the benefits of green tea. From its possible cancer protecting abilities to its benefits with weight loss, it's clear that green tea is a unique kind of drink. What many people may not realize is the potential of green tea extract to protect the skin.

According to WebMD, an article published in the Archives of Dermatology found that skin care products that contain green tea extract can be beneficial to the skin.

"Of all the antioxidants known to mankind, the components of green tea are the most potent," said Hasan Mukhtar, PhD, quoted by the medical website. "Antioxidants are those agents which can counteract the effects of oxidant or 'free' radicals."

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that green tea extract has been used to help treat a variety of cancers including breast and skin. The organization reports that they support research to determine all of the potential benefits of green tea.

Ethnic women looking to get some of the benefits of this beverage while giving their skin a healthy glow should consider using African American skin care products with green tea extract. 

No matter what age, beauty is still important

Older women want to look their best, too. Just because a woman's getting older doesn't mean they are giving up on beauty. A recent study conducted at Baylor University found that greater body satisfaction in older adults reduces symptoms of depression.

The study found that increasing activity and taking care of appearance, along with having positive health benefits, can also improve a person's mood.

"It was interesting that even though body appearance satisfaction seems to be more important for younger populations, especially women, it is still important and relevant among older adults," said study author Dr. Renee Umstattd, assistant professor of health education at Baylor.

Although previous research had shown that as people age, bodily function becomes more important than appearance, these findings suggest that along with joint function, what individuals look like is still a key part of improving confidence and decreasing depression.

Older ethnic women interested in maintaining their glowing skin should consider using African American skin care products to boost their confidence at any age.  

Aug 8, 2011

Red wine may protect skin against sun damage

Recently, there have been reports regarding grapes and how they can protect the skin with the antioxidants they contain. Now, research is showing that drinking red wine in moderation can not only reduce the risk of skin cancer, but also help protect the skin against sunburn.

CBS news reports that the flavonoids found in red wine help stop the death of skin cells. The compounds work by blocking chemical changes that occur when skin is exposed to the sun.

"This study supports the idea of using these products (red wine) to protect the skin from cell damage and death caused by solar radiation," study director Dr. Marta Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona, quoted by CBS.

The Mayo Clinic states that red wine also contains a compound called resveratrol which has been proven to reduce blood clots and lower "bad" cholesterol.

For years, red wine has been touted as healthy due to the high concentration of antioxidants in the beverage. Ethnic women looking for the skin-protecting benefits of wine without the alcohol should consider using skin care products for black skin with antioxidant extracts such as green tea.  

Aug 5, 2011

Rihanna named woman of the year

Rihanna has perfected the art of looking great while performing as well as on the red carpet. The singer was recently named woman of the year in Italian Vouge for her talent and charity work.

The website NZCity reports that the singer was also recognized for her ability to overcome adversity in her personal life. Between the drama with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to her father's drug addiction, Rihanna has had to struggle to maintain a positive attitude, which she does with grace and poise.

“Independent, energetic, the young Robyn Rihanna Fenty (only 23) is our woman of the year and not just by virtue of numbers and figures but also, and foremost, for her kind and fighting spirit. The same spirit that brought her from Barbados to the top of the music charts achieving a career which she has forged and mastered completely by herself." The magazine was quoted as saying,

The singer recently told Glamour magazine that she loves a challenge, and is never afraid to tackle adversity in her career or personal life. African American women who want to achieve Rihanna's look should consider trying skin care products for black skin.

Confident actress Sophia Vergara flaunts her curves

Hispanic actress Sophia Vergara has been gaining a lot of attention lately for her curves, and that's fine with her. The Modern Family star spoke to People magazine about being a sexy symbol and why she's proud of being known for her body.

The 39-year-old says that her looks have helped her career, and she's happy to be recognized for all of the hard work she has done to keep herself healthy and in shape. She told People that she lives by the age-old old motto if you've got it, flaunt it.

Vergara also described her beauty routine to the magazine, and explained that she believes in the importance of skin care.

"Everything in moderation – not too much food, not too much exercise," she explains. "And, of course, wearing sun block, doing the things your dermatologist tells you to do – that helps with the aging process."

The National Institutes of Health reports that sunlight is a major cause of skin again and recommends using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Ethnic Women who want to protect their skin should consider using African American ethnic skin care products with SPF so they can keep their skin healthy and maybe gain some Vergara's confidence along the way. 

Aug 4, 2011

Diamond and ruby facial for the extremely wealthy

Ladies, ever wish to live like the celebrities do and go out and buy diamonds and rubies? What about using these precious gems for skin care? One new celebrity trend is using diamonds as part of a skin care treatment, reports the Daily Mail. 

According to the news provider, rubbing diamonds on the skin can produce an antioxidant effect. Some celebrities, including Mila Kunis, have been spotted getting facials that involve this fancy treatment, which carries a $7,000 price tag.

The procedure is called the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel, and Forbes reports that this is at least the second time that Kunis has been spotted receiving the treatment. The magazine also offered a list of some other luxury skin care options for the rich and famous including an Evian bath that costs 5,000 dollars.

Ethnic women looking to achieve glowing skin without spending thousands of dollars should consider skin care products for black skin that contain natural antioxidant extracts.  

Snail slime may be the new mud

The first time people heard that taking a bath in mud could help exfoliate the skin, many thought that it was insane. After a few years though, people began paying hundreds of dollars for mud treatments and even buying soaps made out of it. Now, according to MSNBC, there may be an even stranger skin care product on the market - snail slime.

Although still not very popular in the U.S., products containing the guts and slime of snails have been regularly sold in South America and South Korea. Apparently this has been going on since the mid 90's, when people began to notice that handling snails was helping their skin feel softer. MSNBC reports that snails' secretions may protect against UV rays and eliminate dead skin cells.

The PBS program NOVA reported on this subject and claimed that the slime works by being a yield-stress fluid. Meaning that depending on how much pressure is put on it it can act as a liquid or a solid such as glue.

Notready to have a beauty routine that includes slime? That's fine, ethnic women looking to exfoliate and protect their skin against UV rays can use African American skin care products that are already on the market with added SPF and no snail extract.  

Aug 3, 2011

Grape compound may protect skin against the sun

For ladies who are interested in protecting their ethnic skin naturally, there may be a new tool in the battle against damage from the sun - grapes. Researchers at the University of Barcelona have found a compound in grapes that may protect against the sun's ultraviolet rays.

These findings add grapes to the list of fruits that contain sun-protecting properties, which also includes pomegranate, found in some skin care products for black skin. The compound, called flavonoid, has already been shown to have other health benefits, particularly for brain health.

These results could lead to the development of new skin care products that contain grape extract.

"This study supports the idea of using these products to protect the skin from cell damage and death caused by solar radiation, as well as increasing our understanding of the mechanism by which they act," said researcher Marta Cascante.

Until those products are developed, there are plenty of other natural African American skin care products on the market that contain healthy extracts of fruit and green tea for sun protection. 

New skin care brochures available in Spanish

The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) has recently released educational brochures in Spanish about the importance of skin care and wound treatment. In the past, these brochures have been widely used by doctors and caregivers, now they will be available in Spanish to better serve the Hispanic population. 

One of the pamphlets, called The Skin You're In (La Piel en la Que Estás) details how to protect skin against environmental factors such as sun and wind. The association released a statement about the importance of these brochures.

"The brochures are invaluable, containing useful information for those who suffer not only with a skin issue but also with a low budget. Many clinics and hospitals display them within their facilities. The great part is that while they can be purchased from AAWC, the brochures are also available to download and print free of charge without permission," states Terry Treadwell, M.D., FACS and AAWC President.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are and estimated 48.4 million Hispanic people in the U.S. The only country with a larger population of Hispanics is Mexico.

Learning about proper skin care is important for people from every culture. Women looking to better understand skin care should research ethnic skin care products, which can help protect the skin with SPF and antioxidants while keeping it looking great.  

Aug 2, 2011

Uncovering the myths of skin cancer

Although there has been a lot of talk about skin cancer lately, many people still can't differentiate between facts and fiction about the disease.

Recently, Medscape News ran an article explaining some of the myths about sun cancer, to help people gain a better understanding of how to protect themselves from this usually preventable form of cancer.

One of the myths they corrected was that darker-skinned people do not need sunscreen. Medscape's expert stated that increased skin pigmentation is equivalent to an SPF protection of 3, which is not enough to protect against skin cancer.

Another theory they explored was that people do not have to wear sunscreen in the car. While windshields may provide mild UVB protection, most side windows do not. Therefore, it's important to wear sunscreen in cars to to protect exposed arms.

The New York Times reports 74 percent of skin cancer tumors are found on the left side of people's bodies. This statistic has been connected to sun exposure while driving.

Ethnic women looking to protect themselves from sun damage should consider using an African American skin care product with added SPF.

Website offers tips for office beauty

Ladies, trying to look flawless at the office can be difficult. recently offered some tips on classy and affordable ways to look good at work.

First, the website recommended wearing hair in a high bun. Along with looking put together and professional, this look can help keep the back of the neck cool while working in the hot summer months. Next, they suggested wearing fun shades of eyeshadow such as green or aquamarine. As long as the look is toned down enough for the daytime, there's no reason not to be creative with the color.

For the face Skincare News suggested wearing a barely-there blush to give cheeks as splash of color without looking overwhelming. It's important to match skin tones when it comes to foundation, ethnic women should consider using black skin care products made especially to match darker skin tones.

Finally, the website recommended a light or nude tone for the lips rather than a dark red. Wearing a lip balm can provide and even more subtle look.

WebMD warns against using sunscreen for the body but neglecting the lips. They suggest wearing a lip balm that contains SPF to protect against harmful UVB rays that come from the sun. Remember to re-apply every two hours planning to be outside for long periods of time. 

Black women's leadership symposium to be held in Chicago

This year's Executive Leadership Council Black Women's Leadership Symposium will be held in Chicago on July 19th. The event will host 125 black women managers who have become pioneers in their fields.

The theme of this year's event is the impact African American women have on public policy. Topics will include the media's influence on politics, along with black women in politics and their influence of on the creation of new legislation.

The goal is to encourage discussions about how to increase African American women's participation in the political scene and how to create more black female executives.

The event will offer a free panel that is open to the press on black women on public policy and will feature four female business leaders in the black community. The panel will be targeting junior to mid-level African american women executives who have potential to become leaders in their companies.

Alaina Beverly of The Raben Group will also host a panel called "Have You Seen Her?" a discussion on black women in politics today.

African American women are changing the business and political scenes and now have the perfect make up to help them look great while doing it. Products for black skin can help give women that perfect skin tone to take on any challenge with confidence, knowing they look professional.

Aug 1, 2011

What does all that SPF talk really mean?

With all of the sunscreen options out there, it's important to understand label terminology. Summertime can be particularly dangerous for the skin, especially for African American skin, as the National Cancer Institute reports that African Americans have higher instances of skin cancer death due to undiagnosed melanomas.

Experts at The Mayo Clinic offered their guidance on how to select a sunscreen that is safe and effective. Most importantly, they explained what SPF means, and if having a high SPF makes a difference regarding how well the sunscreen works, the most common question people have regarding suntan lotion.

SPF stands for "sun protection factor" and it can be very tricky to determine how accurate a lotion's SPF number is. According to dermatologist Lawrence Gibson, M.D., a higher SPF may not necessarily mean better protection.

"Many dermatologists recommend using a product with an SPF of 30 or more. However, no one really agrees on a 'good' SPF number. A sunscreen with an SPF of 60 might be better than one with an SPF of 30, but not necessarily," says Gibson on the Mayo Clinic Website.

African American women looking to protect their skin should consider skin care products for black women with added SPF. 

Introducing the beautiful and talented Ezperanza Spalding

African American musician Ezperanza Spalding shocked the country at the Grammy awards earlier this year by winning "best new artist" over the much-touted Justin Beiber.

The Prague Post recently ran a profile on the jazz singer, portraying her as a talented and bright young woman who is bringing influences from chamber music and old school jazz to modern music.

Spalding's talent was recognized at an early age, and at 20 she was named the youngest ever professor at the Berklee College of Music. On her student profile from 2004, executive vice president Gary Burton praised her unique abilities.

"She has a great time feel, she can confidently read the most complicated compositions, and she communicates her upbeat personality in everything she plays," he says. "She is definitely headed for a great career, and it will be soon."

Along with her talent, Spalding has also been pointed out for her unique beauty and style. While everyone might not be able to have her musical ability, any ethnic woman can help their skin glow like Spalding's by using skin care products for black skin.