Sep 18, 2012

Tips for picture-perfect makeup

Tips for picture-perfect makeup
Skin Care How Tos

Fall is just about here, which means back to school and gearing up for the holidays. It will be time to capture all those special family moments and when the cameras, you want your African American skin to look flawless. Recently, BangStyle published an article explaining how to apply makeup to help you look wonderful in all of your fall photos.

Use Natural Light
According to the news source, when you're going to be at an event where your picture is going to be taken, you should apply makeup in natural light. This will keep you from putting too much foundation or eyeshadow on, and give you a better idea of what you'll look like in the pictures.

Use Matte Colors
"Avoid shimmery, sparkly makeup, and stick with the mattes. When the flash of the camera goes off, a shimmer or glitter particle could reflect the light resulting in an unsightly splotch on your face. Stick to matte makeup, and be sure to carry a matte face powder so you can touch up right before the picture is taken," according to the news source.

Use a Primer
Cosmopolitan Magazine stated that when applying makeup for photos, be sure to start with a foundation primer to even out your skin tone. The news source also recommended that you chose the right concealer to eliminate bags under your eyes. If your concealer is too light you'll have halos around your eyes, if it's too dark, you'll look like you have circles, so try out a few shades. 

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