Dec 31, 2011

Resolve to have better skin in 2012

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It's almost 2012, and while you're making your New Year's resolutions, why not add "get healthier skin" to the list? One way to do that is to buy the best African American skin care products on the market, but there are also some lifestyle changes that can be done to improve your complexion.

For example, try drinking coffee, if you don't already. Studies have shown that coffee beans can help you get tighter skin by producing elastin. Next, drink more water. If you stay hydrated on the inside, then you'll have a better chance of having moisturized skin.

Getting more sleep is a good idea to improve your energy levels, work performance and the appearance of your skin. Sleep can eliminate those dark circles under your eyes, especially if you get 8 to 10 hours a night.

Finally, if you haven't bought new cosmetics in a long time, it may be a good idea to start off 2012 with some fresh African American skin care products. Be sure to get ones that go along with whatever your unique needs may be, whether you're trying to eliminate dark spots or get rid of dry skin, you'll find the product that works for you. 

Go retro this New Year

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In the past few years the retro style has gained a lot of popularity, with women choosing to use their African American skin care product to re-create the look of ladies from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. This could be a fun way to ring in the New Year with an old look, but how do you pull it off?

Recently, spoke to Casey Weisend and his staff at Scott Talbot Salonspa in Akron and Canton about how to create that fun retro look. First, the makeup experts said that you should be sure to define your eyebrows by filling them in with a pencil. Next, you need dark red lipstick, in the style of the dramatic lip colors they would wear in the 40s.

If dark lipstick isn't your style, then the makeup artists suggest trying a variety of shades of eyeshadow colors. Try applying a light shade all over the lid and up to the brow, a medium shade just on the lid and then a very dark shade of the crease to create a smoky eye. suggests that to further the retro look, add a patch of color to your cheeks, just be sure to get the right blush for your complexion. 

Skin habits to avoid this winter

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Lately, there have been a lot of articles out there about how to keep skin protected from the winter winds. Recently, commented on some of the things that you should avoid doing to keep yourself from getting dry, cracked skin for Christmas. 

First, try to avoid being around furnaces, fireplaces and woodstoves without a humidifier. While these things will keep you warm, they'll also suck moisture out of your skin.

Next, although a nice, long, bubble bath can be comfortable on a cold day, you might want to avoid them if you're concerned about dry skin.

"Extended exposure to too-hot water can strip skin’s natural oils, leading to - you guessed it - dry skin! So modify your routine by keeping bathing rituals to 15 minutes (max) and keeping water temps moderate," according to Daily Glow.

Oprah Magazine adds that you should avoid exfoliating in the winter, because it will make dry skin problems worse. Instead, use a moisturizing facial cleanser to get rid of dirt, oil and dead skin.  

Dec 30, 2011

Makeup artist to the stars offers tips

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Recently, makeup artist Scott Barnes, who has worked with many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, gave some tips to about how to create a flawless look. 

First, Barnes said that the foundation is the base for the rest of your makeup, so you want to be sure to use the right one. He explained the best way to find the shade that works best with your skin tone.

"Ease the application by using this formula. Choose the perfect shade by applying a tiny amount of this product on your chest as this is the spot where the sun also gets in contact with the skin," said Barnes, quoted by the news source.

Barnes said that to really make yourself stand out you should use an eyelash curler before putting mascara. states that when you use this tool, you want to clampdown and then slowly walk the curler to the end of the lashes, rather than just clamping down and releasing. This way, you'll have a nice curl to the lashes rather than a random crimp in them.  

Doctors make winter recommendations

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Even if you're using the best African American skin care products on the market, winter winds can find a way to leave you with a cracked, dry complexion if you're not doing all you can to protect against the chill. Recently, skin care experts from The Peer Group, a collection of cosmetic and plastic surgeons based in New Jersey, offered some tips for staying moisturized during the cold season. 

First, the doctors recommended drinking plenty of water. Doing so has been shown to keep your skin hydrated, and so the physicians suggested making a habit out of having water with you during very meal, especially if you're drinking dehydrating beverages, such as coffee or alcohol.

Next, the experts suggested getting rid of dead skin with gentle exfoliation.

"You can find a good product for this at local drug and grocery stores, but be sure to avoid rough, granular scrubs for the face and body," said the physicians.

Finally, the doctors said that you should avoid hot showers, which take moisture away from the skin. Instead, they recommended taking a warm soak in a tub with some oatmeal to soften skin.


Winter foods benefit your skin

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Many women stock up on moisturizers and other African American skin care products designed to hydrate the skin during winter, since this time of year can be treacherous for your complexion. The colder months aren't all bad, however, as The Huffington Post recently spoke to Kerri-Ann Jennings, associate nutrition editor for EatingWell Magazine, who pointed out some foods that are ripe and in season in winter and that can be great for the health of your skin.

First, pink grapefruit is still in season during the colder months, and contains lycopene, which is a natural substance that has been shown to potentially keep your skin smooth. Next, the expert suggested eating carrots, which also deliver lycopene and other helpful nutrients.

"Carrots contain the carotenoids beta carotene and lycopene - both of which may shield your skin against UV damage. In one study, participants who were exposed to UV light had almost 50 percent less skin reddening after they drank about 1 2/3 cups of carrot juice," said Jennings, quoted by the news source.

Along with eating these foods, there are other things you should do to protect your skin in winter. The Skin Cancer Foundation reminds people that skin carcinomas can still strike during the cold months, so be sure to wear sunscreen if you're going to be outside. 

Dec 29, 2011

Give your man the gift of skin care

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This holiday season, when you're adding the best African American skin care products to your wish list, you might want to pick up some for the guy in your life as well. According to a recent article in the New York Times, men are changing their attitudes about beauty routines, and are buying expensive skin care products more often.

"The man today purchasing these products is so different than [he was] eight years ago," said skin care expert Celeste Hillings, quoted by the news source. "These guys who always thought it was vain or too metrosexual [to splurge on beauty products], now think it’s almost a badge they wear to say, 'I’m a modern guy because I care about my skin.'"

The Times stated that men like products that multitask, such as moisturizer that works as a sunscreen or toners that double as conditioners. reports that even though men tend to care less about their skin care routine than women do, they participate in many outdoor recreational and work activities that can damage their complexion. If nothing else, men need to remember to always wear sunscreen, even in winter, if they are going outdoors.

Experts offer tips for keeping your skin healthy while traveling

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This holiday season, millions of people will be traveling to visit their loved ones. Recently, The Houston Chronicle spoke to skin care expert Kate Sommerville who offered some tips on how to care for your skin while getting from A to B.

First, Sommerville said it's important to be conscience of your overall health while on a plane. This is why she brings antibacterial wipes to clean the airplane seating area and food trays.

Next, she said women shouldn't wear makeup on a plane, to keep skin fresh when they land.

Also, she recommended a gentle cleanser and a heavy moisturizer during the colder months to keep sin from dying out. She also suggests exfoliating two to three times a week in the shower.

Glamour Magazine warns that if you're traveling to a warm, humid place, then you might break out when you get there, so be sure to bring an oil-free facial cleanser, especially if you have oily skin. The news source also recommends drinking water on the plane because humidity levels can be low in the cabin.

Dec 23, 2011

Tips to help your guy look as good as you do

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Ladies, have you ever gotten ready for a big night out by buying a new dress and putting on the best African American skin care products only to see that your guy looks like a total slob? While this certainly isn't true of every man, some guys are still at a loss when it comes to personal grooming. This could be due to a lack of resources for men on how to take care of their skin. 

Dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio is a men's skin care expert, and he recently made some suggestions for guys who want to pay closer attention to their complexions.

"Grooming and skin maintenance aren't just for women - there are simple things that guys can do that will visibly improve the look and feel of their skin," said Benabio.

The first recommendation the doctor made was to stop using soap and switch to a men's body wash. Soap can dry out the skin and cause irritation and itchiness. Next, Benabio suggested that men examine their exercise clothes. Cotton fabrics absorb moisture, and working out in sweaty gear can cause infections. Instead, look for materials like polyester or microfiber.

Finally, the dermatologist reminded men to think of their skin on game day. Whether they're simply wearing face paint to support their team or actually playing in the game, guys need to remember that it's important to wash the face after engaging in such activities.


Dec 22, 2011

Dermatologist makes healthy skin recommendations

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Knowing what to do to keep skin healthy isn't always easy, especially when there are so many different theories out there about what's good for the complexion and what isn't. Recently, spoke to dermatologists about how your African American skin care product and other cosmetics can work with your skin to not only make it look clearer, but also be healthier.

The first recommendation the experts made is that when it comes to skin care products, you can't be cheap, as low quality products will have low quality ingredients as well, such as chemicals that will dry out your skin.

Next, the skin care professionals reminded readers that the best products can help make oily skin dry, and give dry skin extra moisture, but only if you make sure to wash your makeup off at the end of each day.

Going to sleep with makeup on is one of the worst makeup-related habits. Skin gets coated with a daily blend of environmental debris every day. Can you imagine how your skin suffocates under this “coat”? If you do not wash your face every evening, your pores will suffer," said dermatologist Nino Lomsadze, quoted by the news source.

The Mayo Clinic suggests cleaning makeup brushes and applicators with soapy water to ensure that you aren't using bacteria-laden instruments on your skin.  

Your unique skin has its own special needs

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There's a reason that they make American American skin care products that are designed specifically for women with dark skin, and that's because different shades have unique needs. Recently, Allure Magazine ran an article explaining how women with various skin tones should keep these needs in mind when they purchase cosmetics. 

For example, the news source spoke to Fran Cook-Bolden, director of the Ethnic Skin Specialty Group in New York City, who said that black skin has greater amounts of pigment in it to protect it from the sun. However, this can also lead to inflammation when these pigment cells overreact, which causes dark spots. This is why women who experience this problem should use products meant to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of these spots.

The magazine also spoke to dermatologist Susan Taylor about the future of these products.

"As we learn more about genetic differences, we'll be able to make treatments specific to certain racial or ethnic groups," said Taylor, quoted by Allure. reminds readers that African American skin has more melanin in it, which help limits the appearance of aging signs, like wrinkles. This is all the more reason to use the best products on dark skin so you can look like you're in your 20s for years to come.  

Sites discuss acne, psoriasis and other winter skin problems

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Skin problems can get worse in the winter, which is why it's important to have the best African American skin care products on the market during this season. states that the cold weather and dry air removes the thin layer of oil on your skin that traps in moisture. This can lead to cracked, red and itchy skin, and worsen problems such as psoriasis.

Recently, explained what happens to skin in the winter and offered tips on how to avoid experiencing problems with dryness. The news provider spoke to Hans-Georg Dauer, a member of the German Dermatology Association about what it means to lose that extra layer of oil.

"When outdoor temperatures in winter drop below [45 degrees] the skin is no longer able to form a sufficient protective barrier," said Dauer, quoted by the news source. "It breaks open, allowing pathogens to penetrate the interstices and aggravate existing acne."

The experts said that in the summer, using a gel-cream or another lighter product is a good idea, but the winter requires different products, according to the website. The skin care professionals recommended using a heavier cream to give skin added moisture, but it's important to wash your face regularly to keep products from clogging the pores.  

Dec 21, 2011

Take time this winter to get great skin

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While many people may think of the winter as a time that wreaks havoc on the skin, The Huffington Post suggests that women take this time to put some extra TLC into their complexion so they can emerge for the summer with cleaner and clearer skin. The first step the news source suggests? Get rid of your old cosmetics and upgrade to some new ones.

Next, the news provider suggested trying to get more sleep, which has been shown to help improve the appearance of skin.

"Get at least eight hours per night during this busy time of year. Your skin, hair and nails all show the signs of sleep deprivation by becoming dull and dry, and your nails can become brittle. So retire early, and remember to increase your ability to fall asleep by quieting your mind at least an hour before you [go to sleep]," said Post writer Svetlana Feller.

Another thing the news source suggested was being sure to attend to chapped lips, as they can distract from your overall complexion. The Mayo Clinic states that people who are trying to avoid drying out their lips should keep from licking them, as saliva evaporate quickly and leaves lips drier than they were before. Be sure to get the best African American skin care products on the market to keep your skin moisturized this holiday season. 

Find the right outfit to match your holiday makeup

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This holiday season, for many women, will consist of a lot of parties that can be difficult to dress for. While your African American skin care product can help you look great for any occasion, your closet might be missing the right dress that will work for an office gathering, family dinner or cocktail party. Recently, AOL spoke to fashion expert Petra Flannery for some tips on what to wear for any of the holiday events that might pop up in the next few weeks.

For the office party, Flannery recommends not straying too far from what you would normally wear to work. For example, you can pair a fun dress with a blazer, and then easily transition from day to night.

Next, Flannery made some suggestions for a family gathering.

"It's an event where you don't want to show too much skin, but you want to look great. Look for simple dresses in playful patterns. You can always add a fun element, like a leopard shoe. Or keep it casual but festive with a sparkly sweater," said Flannery, quoted by the news source.

Beautylish reminds readers that they shouldn't go too crazy with office or family party makeup. Instead, pick a feature to highlight such as your eyes or lips and then play down the rest of the face. For example, if you're going to wear bright red lipstick, don't use too much eyeshadow.


'Tis the season to try out a new look

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One of the best things about the holiday season is that it can be a good time to experiment with makeup looks that you normally wouldn't try. This means grabbing the sparkles and glittery eyeshadow that would be too much for a day at the office but perfect to match that dress you bought for the Christmas party. Recently, The San Diego Reader offered some tips for ladies who feel like going wild with their cosmetics during this time of year.

The news source spoke to makeup artist Alexis Hoerres who said that in the summer, people should have a light and airy makeup look, but that the same isn't true of the winter. When it's cold and raining outside, you want your skin to be vibrant, she said, so don't be afraid to go for that green or blue eyeshadow with a hint of glitter in it. There are many bright colors that can complement your African American skin care products without overpowering them.

Hoerres warned readers that if they're going to draw attention to your eyes, they should be sure to fill in their eyebrows.

"It’s so important, especially for pictures. You have to fill in your eyebrows, otherwise you can look washed out. With a brow pencil, mascara or an eye-shadow, you can just comb it through at the end, and it looks natural and beautiful," said Hoerres, quoted by the news source.

The Gloss suggests that if you don't feel comfortable wearing eyeshadow with too much shimmer, but still want a little extra shine, you may want to try a metallic glitter eyeliner. 

Dec 19, 2011

Natural, simple tips to keep your skin looking young

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Your African American skin care product can do a lot to keep your complexion looking young and fresh, but you need to do all you can to make sure that the skin underneath it is healthy. Why waste money on expensive and radical surgical measures to keep your appearance youthful when there are some simple and natural steps you can take now to help preserve your skin? 

First, keeping your body healthy is key to keeping skin fresh. If you exercise and eat right, it will show up in your complexion.

"We tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity, and those are important. But anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant," says dermatologist Ellen Marmur, M.D., quoted by WebMD.

Next, it's important to wash your face regularly, sleeping with makeup on can lead to clogged pores and breakouts, so you want to make sure to go to bed with a clean slate every night. Finally, be sure to protect yourself against the sun's harmful UV rays. Using sunscreen is important for all skin tones, and there are many cosmetics that contain added SPF.


Experts weigh in on making makeup last all night

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So you've got the right African American skin care products and you're ready for a night out on the town, but how are you going to keep your look from fading? Journal Online spoke to makeup expert Didi Gluck who offered some tips for keeping makeup looking fresh from day till evening. 

First, Gluck recommended oil-free foundation to avoid breakouts and that people with dry skin should start off by using a hydrating formula. The question remains, how do you keep this solution from running or causing your makeup to smudge?

"To avoid [the hydrating formula] from melting and to keep this in place, allow the moisturizer [to] first sink in completely, wait for five minutes or more before spreading on the foundation. Then lock it in with translucent powder, which will help soak up oils that can accelerate fading," said Gluck, quoted by the news source. also made suggestions for helping makeup last all day. The website recommends that women with oily skin use blotting pads to soak up excess moisture rather than constantly trying to cover it up with powder. Hiding oil with makeup will just lead to an over-done look that will start to flake faster.  

Dec 16, 2011

Skin care masks to help avoid drying out this winter

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Sometimes, it's worth it to go the extra mile when it comes to skin care. That's why women will buy the best African American skin care products on the market and wake up early in the morning before work to apply them. Now that the winter is here, it's especially important to spare no expense when it comes to your skin routine. recently suggested taking the time to apply some face masks for added protection against dryness in the cold weather. 

For dry skin, the news source suggests a mixture of ingredients such as coconut milk, honey and oatmeal. The first two substances provide nourishment for your complexion because they contain essential fatty acids and antibacterial properties, while oatmeal is a natural exfoliant.

The website also recommended olive oil as a good ingredient to protect against winter dryness. This is due in part to the antioxidants contained in this substance.

The National Institutes of Health state that antioxidants, which can be found in green tea and many other natural ingredients, help protect the cells in the body against free radicals, which occur when people are exposed to environmental toxins such as car emissions and tobacco smoke.  

Use your makeup to help score the right job

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These days there area lot of people out there looking for a new job, so if you're on that search you know how important it is to have a leg up on the competition. Luckily, your African American skin care product may help you create a professional look that will show any interviewer that you're serious about giving off the right impression. states that the key to looking professional is to wear enough makeup to create an even complexion and highlight your features, but not too much. Wearing heavy amounts of cosmetics to an interview suggests that you care more about looks than the job, and you want to appear mature.

"Keep your makeup understated and neutral. Eye shadow is okay, but don't wear too much. Many of us believe strongly in primer, especially on your eyelids to keep your makeup from creasing. If your hair is light, you really should think about brown mascara instead of black," according to the blog.

Think makeup isn't an important part of an interview? Think again, as The New York Times reported in October on a study that found that women who wear appropriate amounts of makeup appear more competent, confident and trustworthy.  

Tips for National Healthy Skin Month

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Illinois news source The Journal-Standard reports that November is National Healthy Skin Month in the United States. What better time than now to make sure that you have the best African American skin care products to boost your complexion's health?

According to the news source, an estimated 33 million people in this country have some kind of common skin problem such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. All of these are problems that can be worsened by the winter cold, so it's important to protect yourself against the chill this season.

The news provider spoke to dermatologist Peter Helton, who said that along with the cold winds, it's important to keep skin away from harsh chemicals if you don't want it to dry out.

"Protecting against irritation from chemicals is one of the most important factors to address when dealing with skin problems. Your skin wasn’t designed to deal with dish soap, bleach, hair coloring and thousands of other everyday chemicals," said Helton, quoted by the news source. also advocates against using harsh soaps or chemicals on sensitive skin. The website recommends using mild, non-soap cleansers and to pat the skin dry, never rub it. 

Dec 15, 2011

Getting ready for your office holiday party in a flash

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This is the season for holiday parties, many of which are held right after work. It can be difficult to change your look from day to night so quickly, but your African American skin care product is here to help. Recently, Access Hollywood reported on an upcoming article in December's InStyle magazine about how to get ready for your office party without having to run home - all you need is the right makeup.

The first suggestion the news source made was to carry wipes that will allow you to clean off all of the makeup from the day to create a fresh look before the party. Next, the site recommended switching up your lipstick color, it's a simple thing you can do that may make a big difference.

"If you wear a subtle pink lipstick during the day, a brighter rose hue will blend in on top of any residual color," said makeup artist Joette Balsamo, quoted by InStyle. "[It’s easy but] totally transformative."

InStyle adds that carrying some simple hair products in your bag or in your desk can help you get ready in a flash. For example, having small containers of mousse, hair spray and gel can prove to be a smart idea, especially if you've spent all day trying to keep your hair under control. 

Holiday lipstick and eyeshadow ideas

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This holiday season is a great time to update your African American skin care product collection so that you'll be up to date with the newest trends. While you're stressing out over the best outfit for your office or family party, don't forget to take a little time to make sure that you have the right makeup for the occasion. Recently, detailed the styles that women are going for this season. 

First, the website said that this may be a good time to try out some new lipstick shades.

"This season, some of the hottest trends for the lips are shades of red: burnt red, neon, ruby, cherry, velvet and scarlet. For women who aren't fans of classic reds, shades like peach and apricots are some favorites this season," according to the site.

Next, the beauty news source suggests that if you've never tried the smoky eye look, now would be a good time to go for it. Skincare News says that a smoky eye can add a hint of mystery and sophistication, and that eyeshadow shades of silver, dark blue and sea green are great combinations for a dramatic yet classy look.  

Dec 14, 2011

Keep those blemishes hidden during major events

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Ever wake up for a big event like a wedding or an important business meeting and find that your complexion has suddenly turned on you? There's nothing worse than waking up to a slew of blemishes and red spots that weren't there the night before, which can happen right before a major occasion. The American Academy of Dermatology states that stress and anxiety can make acne more persistent and roseca symptoms worse. 

Recently, German news source the Belfast Telegram offered some ways to calm those big occasion blemishes that might surface. The news provider spoke to makeup artist Leanne Shaw who has worked with celebrities such as former Spice Girls.

"Hide blemishes by dabbing concealer on with a brush and blending away edges, then set with translucent powder. Avoid pink-based concealers, they tend to exaggerate redness," said Shaw in an interview with Closer magazine.

Shaw also suggested using a primer before putting on foundation, this can help create a smoother look and keep your African American skin care product from settling into wrinkles.  

Choose the right colors for this holiday season

RX for black skin for African American skin care

Even the best African American skin care products can fail you if you don't understand how to properly apply them. This season, when you're trying to catch that certain someone under the mistletoe, be sure that you don't have that caked-on foundation look or the wrong color lipstick for your complexion. Recently, Minnesota's NBC affiliate KARE spoke to makeup expert Cindy Joesph about how to avoid making mistakes with your holiday makeup. 

First, the expert discussed how to choose the right lipstick.

"To find a color that matches, not clashes with your skin tone, it helps to look at your gums, tongue and lips. Use a lipstick that blends with your undertones, only darker and richer. Make sure its not too glossy or matte and feels good on your lips. This a sure trick to finding lipsticks that look believable," said Joesph, quoted by the news source.

Next, Joesph said that playing up eyelashes can be a great way to enhance your look. Use the right mascara and eyeliner combo, and taking the time to separate the lashes can have a powerful effect.

Finally, Cosmopolitan Magazine suggests using a shimmery metallic eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes, similar to how Beyonce does it, to highlight your features at any party.  

Dec 13, 2011

Cold weather calls for chilly moisturizer

Rx for Borwn Skin for African American skin care products

Ladies, you know that winter can be the most difficult time to take care of your complexion, even if you've found that perfect African American skin care product. Recently, Inside Toronto spoke to dermatologist Vince Bertucci who had some interesting tips for how to keep looking flawless during these chilly months. 

First, the skin care expert suggesting chilling your moisturizer before you use it. Moisturizer is particularly important in the winter, when your skin is most likely to dry out, and keeping it cold can help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes while providing a soothing effect on the skin.

Nest, Bertucci made a suggestion for the best time to apply that moisturizer.

"Water can weaken and impair the skin's protective barrier function, so it's important to moisturize immediately following a bath or use a lotion after hand washing to guard against dryness and irritation," he said, quoted by the news source.

WebMD reminds people who are concerned about the health of their skin in the winter to avoid wearing wet socks or gloves. These can cause itching or even a flare-up of eczema.


Sites offer tips for looking great with your glasses

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When it comes to beauty tips, it seems like articles have been written on every subject from wedding suggestions to classy holiday looks. Recently, pointed out that while many women wear glasses, there's a lack of resources for how this population on how they can use their makeup to make their eyes shine behind their frames.

Ladies can use their African American skin care products to create a perfect look that goes with their glasses, here are some tips from a few sites for ladies with eye wear. First, The Stir recommends that women should match their eyeshadow to their frames.

"[If your] eyeglasses have dark frames, [your] eyeshadow needs to be lighter and more neutral. If your frames are wire or rimless, you can go darker and/or more vibrant," according to the site. suggests that women with glasses should line their eyebrows to accentuate them. The beauty site also said that this population can draw attention to one thing - either their eyes or their frames, so women should decide which feature they feel like showing off that day and wear more or less makeup accordingly.


Dec 12, 2011

Winning the battle against adult acne

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While some people may believe it's a problem that's limited to teens, acne can strike at any age. If you're using a quality African American skin care product and washing your face regularly but you still have zits popping up then you may want to start taking control of the problem before it becomes an embarrassing situation. 

Recently, the Sacramento Bee spoke to dermatologist Melissa Schwarzschild about steps to take to combat adult acne.

"Touch your face less often. Your hands pick up bacteria and dirt throughout the day - no matter how often you wash up - which you can transfer to skin on your face," recommended The Bee, citing Schwarzschild's advice.

Another suggestion made by the news source was to control stress, since anxiety triggers sweat glands to produce more oil.

CBS News reported on this subject in 2009 and suggested limiting processed sugar because previous studies have shown that it may have an effect on complexion.


Websites make recommendations for lipstick for dark skin

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When you've found that perfect African American skin care product that matches your complexion, you still have to find the right lipstick to match it. Recently, The Guardian ran an article to answer the question of what kind of bright lipstick works on women with dark skin. What they found is the more women should be reaching for the bold colors rather than hiding behind neutral shades. 

The news source spoke to makeup experts to get their opinion on how to transition to a new look.

"Take the color you currently wear and try something a few shades brighter first as a stain or as a gloss, then as a full color when you're ready. Going from lip balm to brick red would terrify anyone," said make-up artist Nicola Chapman, quoted by the news provider.

Chapman said that women with dark skin can try a bright orange or red by applying a slightly darker liner on top, so you can rub it in and tone down the color if you feel it's too bright. reports that women should always experiment with their makeup, because there are no rules for what colors work or don't work when it comes to dark skin. The site recommended trying out red and pink shades, and blending tones together until you get the right look.  

Dec 7, 2011

Working to keep skin under control during pregnancy

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While your body is adjusting to the changes associated with pregnancy, you may see some differences in your complexion as well. Many women experience things such as acne or discoloration, which can add stress to a period of time when women need to be relaxed. It is possible, however, that the right combination of skin treatment and African American skin care products can help you achieve that true "pregnancy glow." 

WebMD spoke to dermatologists about what to do to keep your skin under control while you're preparing for a baby. One concern they discussed was how to get rid of dark patches on the skin and other pigment changes.

The experts recommended avoiding too much sun exposure, since the sun can make skin changes more prominent. Also, don't try and cover up these spots with a concealer that doesn't match your skin tone - this will only make your complexion look more blotchy.

TLC also offered some tips on this subject, and they agree that staying out of the sun is key to avoiding discoloration.

"Using sunscreen daily - rain or shine - is the best way to avoid this discoloration. If you know you're going to be out in the midday sun or at the beach, protect yourself with a sunblock of SPF 30 or higher," according to the news source.


Dec 6, 2011

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you don't need sunscreen

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Now that that winter is coming, it's important to remember that just because you don't find yourself sweating from the of the sun doesn't mean that it isn't a danger to your skin. This is why it's important to use an African American skin care product with SPF year-round. reminded readers that the sun shines regardless of what moth it is, so you need to stay protected against skin cancer.

"In the winter, the sun’s heat is less due to the angle of sunlight, but the ultraviolet A and B rays are still strong enough to cause skin damage. When your skin is exposed to these rays it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. The ultraviolet rays can cause permanent skin damage," according to the beauty site.

The Mayo Clinic states that snow reflects the sun's rays, so even if you feel cold it's still possible to get a sunburn. They organization recommends that individuals wear sunscreen on any exposed areas of the body, and that people wear lip balm that contains a sun protective factor as well.


Dec 5, 2011

Healthy skin comes from positive habits

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The best way to have clear, smooth skin throughout your entire life is to start taking care if it as soon as possible rather than waiting till the signs of damage show up. Using the right African American skin care products is a good start to achieving healthy skin, but it's also important to develop positive habits.

For example, knowing your particular skin type is the key to knowing how to take care of it. Most products are designed for oily, dry or normal complexions and you want to use the ones that will be most effective for you. Another habit you should get into is using sunscreen.

Regardless of your skin type, it's important to use sunscreen to protect against the harmful UV rays produced by the sun. The American Academy of Dermatology offers an answer on their website for who should regularly apply products that contain SPF.

"In a word: Everyone! More than 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed in more than 2 million people annually. Many studies have found an association between sunburns and enhanced risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer," stated the organization.  

Dec 2, 2011

Magazine experts discuss how to get the look Hollywood and runway stars

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Recently, Allure Magazine spoke to celebrity makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, who has worked on over 20 Oscar-winning actresses, to get some cosmetics tips. The expert offered some advice use your African American skin care product to create a Hollywood look and discussed the difference between "glamour" and "fashion" makeup. 

Glamour makeup is what you see when you look at a star on the red carpet or in the movies. It's that naturally flawless look that most women are trying to achieve. Reiss-Andersen said the key to this look is to layer, but not look overdone.

"Keep it sheer by only applying foundation where you need it, but then build it up in [problem areas of the face]," said Reiss-Andersen, quoted by Allure.

Fashion makeup is the wild and fun look that the runway models have. It's a little less natural than glamour cosmetics, and more of a nighttime look. Marie Claire Magazine says that the key to this is to go bold, using bright colors and blush. Sometimes, it can be fun to wear that color lipstick that you always thought was too bright or that fabulous glittery eyeshadow.


Dec 1, 2011

Dermatologist recommends sticking to one product at a time

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When you find that perfect African American skin care product, why would you mess things up by mixing it with cosmetics from inferior companies? Recently, dermatologist Jason Rivers issued some warnings against mixing makeup, especially if you have rosacea or other sensitive skin conditions. 

"Mixing a variety of skin care and beauty products is not only expensive, but it can further aggravate skin conditions like rosacea," said Rivers. "People with sensitive skin and rosacea should be particularly careful over the holidays when trigger factors are high."

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes a person's complexion to appear red and make small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks more visible. The "triggers" that Rivers referred to are things such as alcohol, stress and embarrassment, all of which can make these symptoms worse.

This condition can occur in people of complexions, and while it make be tempting to use a variety of skin care products for dark skin to hide the excess redness, women with this condition should stick to one cosmetic at a time to avoid aggravating their sensitive skin.  

Beauty sources offer DIY wedding makeup tips

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A wedding can be the the most special day in a woman's life, so it makes sense that you'd want your skin care product for dark skin to look perfect. Many ladies spend hundreds of dollars for professional makeup artists to come in and make sure that the whole wedding party looks flawless, but why bother when you can just do it yourself? explains how to get the bride look for less, and their first suggestion is to make sure that your makeup is enhancing your natural beauty, not overpowering it. You don't want people to look up at you and only see your cosmetics, you want them to think that you just wake up looking that fabulous every day.

"Foundation should be blended into the jaw line, and the color should disappear into your skin. Foundation is meant to even out your skin tone and nothing more. If you choose to use a powder with your foundation, it should match your foundation," according to Nola.

Glamour magazine also offered tips on doing wedding makeup. First, do you eye makeup before anything else, since eye makeup can flake on to the skin so you'll want to be able to wipe it away without smudging your foundation. Next, apply foundation and then pick on one feature to shine. For example, if you have bright eyeshadow, then choose a more neutral lip shade.  

Eat your way to healthy skin

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The phrase "you are what you eat" means that food choices have ramifications for your skin as well as your waistline. recently offered some tips for what foods people should eat if they are looking to improve the look of their skin. 

"A diet rich in 'phyto-compounds' can stimulate DNA repair, increased collagen production, reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. This not only keeps you healthy but it keeps you looking younger, longer," according to the beauty news site.

The Mayo Clinic states that these compounds can be found in fruits, and are "life-sustaining" and "crucial to your health."

Beauty Tips suggested eating blueberries, which can help improve skin's elasticity and strengthen the gums. The news source also recommended pomegranate, which has antioxidant properties that have been shown to fight off free radicals that damage skin.

If eating fruit isn't really your thing, there are many African American skin care products that contain natural ingredients such as green tea, pomegranate and soy.  

Nov 30, 2011

Websites offer skin care tips for the girl on the go

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Ladies, ever wake up in the morning and realize you only have five minutes to get out the door? When this happens, many women think they have to skip their skin care routine, but this isn't true. There are plenty of ways to make sure that skin is looking fresh and healthy without spending an hour in front of the mirror. 

First, suggests picking a good multi-tasking product that can serve two skin care purposes. For example, foundations with added SPF for sun protection or moisturizers for dry skin can help you skip an extra step in the morning.

Next, the site recommended focusing on one area of the face that people are more likely to notice as you go about your day.

"One such example refers to having perfectly groomed eyebrows. This step can make your eyes look bigger without the use of eyeliners, they create a polished imagine instantly and even eliminate the need for heavily structured makeup styles allowing your skin to breathe better," according to the site. suggests that no matter how little time you have, it's important to wash your face. While your African American skin care product may feel so light you're tempted to keep it on overnight, washing your face keeps makeup from clogging the pores.  

Happy Living and Dr. Susan Taylor discuss African American skin care

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Magazines can bombard women with images of actresses with perfect skin - which is usually the result of Photoshop or ridiculous amounts of make up and not what they truly look like. While truly flawless skin may only exist on babies, there are many African American skin care products and tips that can help you look your best. 

Happy Living magazine offers some suggestions for African American women who are trying to compete with the latest Photoshopped images. First, the news provider suggested that healthy skin leads to beautiful skin, so it's important to use sunscreen.

"Black women, especially of the darker skin tones, often believe they don't need to use sunscreen since blacks rarely complain of sunburn, but this is false. Black skin also needs protection from the damaging rays of the sun," according to Happy Living.

The beauty site also recommends using a moisturizer that is meant for your specific needs, such as dry or oily skin or acne.

Dermatologist Susan Taylor reminds African American women who visit her website that brown skin should have a naturally warm, glowing complexion. You should only use products that you believe are enhancing your natural beauty.  

Nov 29, 2011

Don't get caught with faded makeup

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Ladies, there's nothing worse than spending time making sure that your African American skin care product looks perfect only to find your makeup has faded an hour after you leave the house. With the winter winds coming up, it's important to know how to keep your foundation in place when the weather is getting out of control. offered some suggestions for how to keep your look going throughout those long, cold days.

First, the beauty news provider recommends using a primer under foundation to help your liquid or powder stick to the face. Second, the site suggested patting the skin lightly with your hands after applying makeup to ensure that everything is getting absorbed.

Maire Claire also has some helpful tips for applying makeup that lasts all day long.

"Layering is the key to lasting makeup.The most important thing when applying the layers is to have a light touch. This keeps your look fresh and natural. The first layer - cream or liquid foundation - should be applied with a sponge in order to thin it out," said the news source.

The news provider added that although it's important to layer, be sure to smooth everything out to avoid getting a "makeup mask" look.  

Nov 28, 2011

Websites offer foundation tips for black women

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African American women want their sin care products for black skin to ehanace their natural tones, not cover them up. This is why it's important to chose cosmetics that work with the skin's natural coloring rather than against it. offers some tips for choosing the foundation color that looks best on you. 

First, the beauty news source says you have to look beyond the surface and at undertones instead.

"For instance, rich ebony complexions often have cool undertones (look for colors in the blue family). Brown and caramel complexions may have warmer undertones (look for golden colors)," stated Care Fair.

After you've chosen the color that works with you skin tone, offers some suggestions for applying it properly.

The site recommends applying it evenly over your whole face using a wet sponge or your fingers. Using two different shades is ok, but it's important that they are blended evenly. Finally, be sure to use very little as you go along. You can always add more foundation if you need it, but removing it means you have to start all over again.  

Time to toss those old cosmetics

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin care

When you find that perfect African American skin care product, you may be tempted to hold on to it forever. It's important to remember though, just like food, cosmetics have expiration dates, and you want to replace each product when the time comes. has a guide explaining when each different piece of makeup should be tossed. 

First, liquid foundation should be replaced every six months. The beauty site recommends storing this product in a cool, dry area as heat can cause lotions and potions to separate or spoil.

Next, the news source made recommendations on blushes and bronzers.

"Powdered blushes and bronzers are good for six to nine months. The key here is to replace your brushes and applicators when you replace your compacts," according to Real Beauty.

Fitness Magazine offered another suggestion for how to make foundation last a little longer. Always using a sponge when applying this cosmetic instead of using your fingers could help keep harmful bacteria out of the bottle and give foundation a longer life.


Nov 18, 2011

Researchers find gene to help protect against skin cancer

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It's important to use an African American skin care product with SPF, especially considering that when African Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer it is often in the late-stage, according to the National Cancer Institute. This type of cancer may be prevented by taking proper measures, such as using sunscreen an wearing protective clothing when going into the sun. 

Now, there may be new hope in combating squamous cell cancer (SCC) of the skin, one of the most common forms of the disease. Researchers from Monash University's Department of Medicine at the Alfred Hospital in Australia have discovered a gene in the body that helps protect against the form of skin cancer, which could lead to a new target for treatment and prevention methods.

"Virtually every SCC tumour we looked at had almost undetectable levels of this particular gene, so its absence is a very profound driver of these cancers," said researcher Stephen Jane.

The scientists are hoping that this could lead to new prevention methods, such as incorporating supplements that act as in similar manner as this gene into sunscreen or skin care products. 

Nov 15, 2011

Websites discuss common makeup mistakes

RX for Brown Skin for African American Skin Care Products

Finding the perfect African American skin care product doesn't mean you're not at risk of making some of the most classic makeup mistakes when you're applying it. Nothing ruins good cosmetics like layering on too much or pairing the wrong colors together. explains some of the most common blunders that women make with makeup and how to avoid them.

First, wearing too much foundation is something that every woman has probably done at least once. The news source reports that heavy foundation can suffocate the skin and highlight the problems you're trying to cover up.

"Mix in a little moisturizer with your foundation, which will prevent the formula from seeping into the lines," said LifeScript writer Carly Young. also reported on common cosmetic mistakes, and said that many women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation. The site reminded readers that foundation isn't meant to give you a bit of a tan, that's what bronzers do. Instead, try to find a color that is closest to your natural skin tone.  

Dermatologist offers cold weather tips

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As the temperature changes, so do your skin care needs. Using an African American skin care product that contains an added moisturizer is one way to protect skin against the colder months, but more effort is needed if you want to keep from drying out. Recently, a North Carolina dermatologist offered some suggestions for keeping skin healthy in the coming weather. 

First, the expert suggested monitoring the temperature inside your house.

“If your home or workplace temperature is warm enough to make it feel like a sauna, you might be drying out your skin," said Rita Pichardo-Geisinger, M.D., of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center dermatology department.

Next, the dermatologist suggested using a fragrance-free soap and detergent for clothes. Perfumes can dry out the skin and lead to flaking, while people with very sensitive complexions may find that detergents with additives cause skin irritation.

Finally, Pichardo-Geisinger encouraged women to not forget about their feet. Cracked heels can be unsightly, and there are plenty of creams available to help combat this problem.

These tips may help keep your skin looking moisturized through whatever the coming winter months will bring.


Nov 14, 2011

Are you using the right skin care product?

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Trying to achieve perfect look can be difficult, especially considering the variety of African American skin care products out there. While having more variety may seem like it would make it easier to find the makeup that works for you, it can also make things extremely overwhelming. The Dominion Post reports on how to discover the product that is truly meant for your skin type, and how to tell if you've bought the wrong cosmetic. 

First, the news source reminded readers that there is no such thing as a "miracle cure," so you have to be patient. The Post stated that the most important ingredient to have in a foundation is SPF to protect against the sun's rays, but there is one other key substance - antioxidants.

"Some of the best [antioxidants] are those we easily recognize, for example, green tea, vitamins E and C and grape extract. And the more we use, the better," said Post reporter Tracey Strange.

Next, the news provider states that if a product is causing you skin to feel taught and dry or a rash appears, then you should toss it out and try another one. states that your skin care product may stop working when the seasons change. For example, cold weather has lower levels of air moisture which can lead to dry skin, so you might need a heavier moisturizer in the winter.  

Nov 10, 2011

Beauty magazines offer some weekend makeup tips

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While your African American skin care product can easily transition from day to night, you probably want to have a different look when you're out on the town than when you're in the office. Cosmopolitan Magazine explained some of the science behind choosing your weekend makeup style versus your workday look. 

Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff told the magazine that your sleep schedule on the weekend should actually be factored into your skin care routine.

"Extra sleep on the weekend helps restore circulation, making under-eye circles less obvious. So just use a tinted moisturizer with SPF and top with bronzer," said Dubroff, quoted by the beauty news source.

Dubroff added that on the weekend you'll want to have more dramatic eye makeup, so don't be afraid to choose a more vibrant color than you would use at the office, such as rich blue shades.

Glamour Magazine offered a fun weekend lipstick and eyeliner combo that was inspired by Solange Knowles. The beauty news provider suggested using a coral lipstick with a green or gold eyeliner, these colors go well together, especially on black skin.  

Nov 9, 2011

Your foundation should reflect your skin type

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin care products

Finding the right foundation that perfectly blends in with your skin tone can be difficult, especially when there are so many African American skin care products on the market that promise to be the answer to all of your needs. Recently, The Miami Herald spoke to Emmy-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett about how to choose the perfect foundation, and how to properly apply it once you find it. 

First, the expert said that you need to look at foundation the same way as face wash, meaning that you should choose one that's meant for your specific skin type. For example, people with oily skin should find formulas that say they are meant to control acne and excess oil.

Next, Bennett offered tips on proper foundation application.

"For sanitary reasons and better application, I prefer sponges and brushes [over fingers]. I prefer to dab foundation (with a cotton swab) onto areas that need coverage and then blend with a clean, synthetic foundation brush or a non-latex sponge," said Bennett quoted by the Herald.

Oprah suggests on her website that people with dry skin should choose a liquid or hydrating powder foundation, while individuals with an oily complexion should use an oil-free liquid or powder compact.


Nov 8, 2011

Dermatologist suggests homemade masks to improve your skin

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin care products

While your African American skin care product can help you achieve a flawless look, having healthy skin underneath your makeup is just as important. In a recent guest appearance on the television show, Dr. Oz., dermatologist Ellen Marmur explained how you can use some simple ingredients found in your kitchen to boost the health of your skin.

First, the expert suggested wearing a mask of honey and avocado for 10 minutes a week to improve dry skin.

“You are going to cut your avocado in half and scoop out the fruit of the avocado and you’re going to start stirring in about one tablespoon of honey and make it into a kind of a nice consistency,” said Marmur, quoted by EMax.

Next, Marmur said that people who experience rosacea, a condition characterized by redness in the skin, can be improved using a mask of pineapple and cottage cheese.

WebMD reminds readers that what you eat is reflected in your complexion, so while you're using these ingredients on your outer skin, remember the take what your put into your body for account as well. Milk, strawberries and plums have all been found to improve skin's appearance.


Nov 7, 2011

Skin care experts discuss the benefits of honey

RX for Brown Skin for African American skin care products

While there are many great African American skin care products on the market that can help protect your skin from the coming winter months, there are also natural substances that you can use to give yourself an added level of protection. 

For example, skin care expert Jackie Gomez is teaming up with the National Honey Board this month to talk about the benefits of the sweet condiment for the skin.

"We all strive for moisturized skin, especially during winter months," said Catherine Barry, director of marketing for the National Honey Board. "Honey is your skin's best friend because it is a humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture."

Barry and Gomez explained how to create a simple moisturizing mask by simply combining honey, avocado and milk. On the website, they offer many different recipes and tips for how to use honey and other natural substances to help skin stay soft and smooth during the harsh winter weather.

Using these ingredients along with your usual African American skin care product may be the key to staying gorgeous this season.


Nov 4, 2011

Blogger offers cosmetics tips for Asian women

RX for Brown Skin for ethnic beauty products

Ethnic women know that they deserve their own unique skin care products to highlight their natural beauty. CNN Go recently spoke to Shanghi-born beauty blogger Kristi Wang about beauty shopping abroad and the best tips for a healthy complexion. 

Wang says that the best way to treat yourself is to be sure to use skin care products regularly, not just makeup.

“I don't do makeup in daily life, not at all," said Wang, quoted by the news source. "Makeup harms your skin while skincare products nurture it.”

The beauty expert said she loves going to Japan to find interesting products, because their cosmetics are always creative. Wang recommended that Asian women keep their makeup routine simple and focus on mascara, to highlight their eyes.

CBS News also offered tips for Asian women looking to switch up their makeup routine, and suggested using a light liquid foundation with under eye concealer before applying makeup so that people are focusing on you, not the bags under your eyes.


Nov 3, 2011

Sun exposure in the morning may be less harmful than in the afternoon

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Even if you wear African American skin care products with added SPF for protection against UV rays, it's important to limit you exposure to sun. Lets be honest though, it's not possible to stay inside all the time, so it's important to know what time of day the sun is most likely cause harm and lead to skin cancer. 

Now, researchers from the University of North Carolina have found that exposure to UV rays in the morning may be less harmful than other times of day.

"Our research would suggest that restricting sunbathing or visits to the tanning booth to morning hours would reduce the risk of skin cancer in humans," said senior study author Aziz Sancar, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientists believe these results may also suggest that humans have a higher rate of DNA repair in the morning, and are therefore less susceptible to the carcinogenic effects of UV rays early in the day. Researchers plan to continue research to determine if this is true so they can make recommendations for avoiding skin cancer.